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Crest INFINITI teams up with local organizations to remind drivers and parents to not leave their children and pets in unattended vehicles.

Texas heat is upon us in full force. In response to the heat, Crest Auto Group in partnership with the SPCA of Texas, CASA of Collin County, Low Birth Weight Development Center and Metroplex Animal Coalition will be distributing stickers to the general public to raise awareness and help prevent the deaths of children and pets caused by hyperthermia (heat stroke). Each recipient will receive a set of stickers: one that will be placed on the interior of the vehicle and serves as a reminder to the driver; and the other on the back windshield of the vehicle that will alert fellow drivers.

In 2012 there were at least 32 juvenile vehicular hyperthermia fatalities. Since 1998 there have been a total of 570 of these needless tragedies. Startlingly, Texas has led the nation in having 84 such fatalities, according to the SFSU Department of Geosciences. Just recently, a 5-month old girl in El Paso, Texas, died due to heatstroke; it was only 78 degrees outside. To date, twenty states currently have laws that prohibit children from being left in unattended vehicles.

In addition to preventing children from being left in cars on a hot day, the concern for pets suffering from hyperthermia has caused cities to pass ordinances aimed at preventing injuries and deaths; at least 14 states have passed legislation that makes it illegal for pets to be confined in automobiles. Such tragedies have also led animal welfare organizations to create educational programs for pet safety in extreme weather conditions.

How to obtain the stickers

Stickers are available at Crest INFINITI located at 6100 State Highway 121, Frisco, TX 75034. Large quantities of stickers are available for businesses and organizations or for distribution at events by providing the following information: name, organization, quantity, delivery address, phone number and any event details.

Please send requests or general inquiries to:
Steve Lee
Or call: 972.201.9230.
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